Musicfuel does more than just bring music and the arts back into our schools. We provide safe, creative and inspiring alternatives for todays teens, encouraging them to make positive life choices by providing valuable tools and experiences that are self-empowering, allowing them to see that their dreams are possible.

We offer mentorship, life skills workshops, showcase performances, and unique once in a lifetime opportunities with industry professionals. Our goal is to encourage and support youths on their journey to discovering who they are and what they stand for, while providing opportunities to live their dreams.

Our hope is that our programs will start a ripple effect that expands beyond just our local communities, but globally as well.

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Our after school program supports today's youth to discover their talents and abilities, while supporting their passions and creating opportunities to recognize their true potential


Musicfuel In Your School

Through creative exercises such as song writing, vocal techniques, scene study, and artistic projects, we afford students the opportunity to self-express the challenges they are going through. Combining that with powerful coping tools through life skills’ workshops, and inspirational guest mentors, students get a sense of empowerment while building their self-esteem. By the end of the program, the students will have created their own unique and personal artistic work, be it a song they wrote, an original work of art, or poetry and spoken word, giving them a feeling of accomplishment and pride to fuel their future dreams.

Musicfuel Scholarship

The Musicfuel Scholarship was created to benefit talented young artists in underserved communities struggling due to financial constraints. We offer these ambitious and gifted youth the opportunities that they deserve to pursue their dreams through education in music and the arts

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